Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Joe Fresh | Hangtag Redesigns for Down Apparel

Last fall/winter Joe Fresh used these hangtags on their puffy down vests for their womenswear line. I've chosen to revamp and redesign them, experimenting with both a vertical and horizontal layout. Once I started I just couldn't stop, lol. Man, I love me some design.

The first image is the hangtag used for fall/winter 2010 and the second are my redesign ideas.

Joe Fresh | Price-Tag Redesign Ideas

Original price-tag on the top and my redesign ideas on the bottom (© Gareth Adamson.)

The first four redesign ideas in the second image were designed while thinking about if the brand released a limited line, or an item for a special occasion. I was thinking they could also be used for lingerie due to the flowy and feminine feel.

The additional four are my take on the actual Joe Fresh price-tag in the first image.

Friday, October 21, 2011

575 Jeans Web Rebrand (Round 2)

I wasn't entirely satisfied with the previous web design image so I decided to consider other options, the first two being my favourite. I was thinking that if the site were in existence, the second image would appear or fade in when the cursor is over top of the first image.

575 Jeans Web Rebrand

I've previously rebranded the jean company 575 Denim to 575 Jeans by upscaling their logotype and print material such as hangtag and shopping bag. I've recently completed a new webpresencefor the brand, as well. These are not official rebrand designs, they were completed to enhance my portfolio.